Almonds 500 gr

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Almond is a delicious natural food. The flavor, the organoleptic contents of the precious almond seed, food for human health and well-being and the derived products, are transformed in the company laboratory without altering their nutritional principles.

This dried fruit is a precious source of proteins, minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, iron, calcium and potassium, and have a strong antioxidant power due to the vitamins contained.


The Almond is a robust plant that grows well even on poor, shallow and arid soils.

In particular, in the territory of the municipality of Toritto, on the border between pre-Murgia and Alta Murgia, various indigenous cultivars have developed.

The Filippo Cea cultivar dates back to the early twentieth century and originated in the farm in the Matine district of the Torittese Filippo Cea, born in 1858.

This has excellent characteristics: it has a high content in oil and polyunsaturated fatty acids, a very low acidity and an intense flavor but, at the same time, balanced, with final notes of butter.

The cultivation is carried out in dry conditions, with some emergency irrigation, does not prefer excessive fertilization and is well adapted to the Murgian territories.

It is one of the most resistant and long-lived local varieties, so it adapts to the most exposed hills of the Murgia.


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